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Guide for using the DAFF Levy Report for Quarterly Returns (Grain)
Guide for using the DAFF Levy Report for Quarterly Returns (Grain)
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A Levy Payer Register has been established by the GRDC. This means that the information you need to provide as part of your grains return will change.

Please be aware that for all returns due by 28 October each year (for grain traded between 1 July and 30 September of the same year) and for all returns after that date, levy payer information must be included.

AgriDigital has developed a report specifically to meet the needs of the new mandate that requires minimal touch from the user and can be uploaded directly to the DAFF via their online portal.

To create your report

Navigate to Transactions (1) > Dashboard (2) > Reports (3) and select the Date Range (4) to adjust to your needs


Navigate to the Date Range section of filters (5) > Select Custom Range (6) Enter desired Start and End Dates of your submission (7) Click Apply (8)


Hover over the DAWR Levy Report box (9) to bring up the menu icon in the top right corner (10) > click on the menu icon and select Download Data DAWR (11)


Your report is now ready for submission.

💡Note: If you wish to check the downloaded data by opening it in MS Excel, DO NOT save the file. Only submit the originally downloaded file. Saving the file will corrupt some of the information and an error will be generated (if you need to edit, use NotePad instead).

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