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Troubleshooting a Failed Delivery File Upload
Troubleshooting a Failed Delivery File Upload
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If you receive an Error Email following your delivery file upload, click on the View Errors button for further information.


The error file will open in a .txt format and will include a short explanation for the failed deliveries that did not upload at the end of the rows affected.

πŸ’‘Note: Best viewed in notepad, you may need to scroll to the
​right-hand side of this file to view the error/s.


What to look for?

Ensure all data is in the exact format as per the Delivery File Upload Guidance Document and all mandatory fields have the necessary data.
Use our AgriDigital Delivery File Upload template and the AgriDigital Delivery File Upload Guidance Document which includes a description and example of each data field in the template.

Common error messages

Alternatively, refer to the list below for common error messages you may encounter and an explanation of what they mean:

Invalid season


Season doesn't match with Contract season

The season listed in the file is;

  1. Invalid, the following formats are expected when entering the season:

    • For AgriDigital Buyer User Template, Emerald and Viterra:

      • 4 digits from the season when commodity was harvested
        ​i.e. 2022/23 will be sent as 2022

    • For GrainCorp and GrainFlow:

      • 2 digits from the season when commodity was harvested
        i.e. 2022/23 will be sent as 22

2. Does not correspond with the season in your Contract
​e.g. Delivery states 2022/23 but Contract states 2023/24.

Duplicate reference no is found


Duplicate delivery reference discovered

There is a duplicate ticket in your file. This can occur if you:

1. Have already uploaded (or manually entered) this delivery in AgriDigital, therefore the delivery number is already in the system and duplication is not possible

2. You have a split delivery and the delivery number is the same. Simply differentiate the loads by adding an A and a B.

e.g. D012345 is duplicated.
To split this delivery adjust one load to D012345-A and the other load to D012345-B

Invalid NGR or it's not in AgriDigital


The NGR Number XXX could not be found

It may be that the NGR is indeed, invalid or incorrect, please double check the correct NGR has been entered.

Or you may not have a relationship with this NGR in AgriDigital (refer to point 2 below).

NGR doesn't match with Contract Counterparty

There may be two reasons for this error:

  1. NGR is not mentioned in the corresponding Contract

  2. The user must have a relationship in the AgriDigital system with the Grower partnerships in the file you are trying to upload.

If you do not have a relationship with a specific grower in the file, you will need to need to add them to your NGR account. Then you can resync in AgriDigital and start your File Upload again.

Grade doesn't match with Contract grade/s

The grade listed in your file does not correspond with the grade listed in the contract.

Invalid site code


Invalid site details on delivery

The site details listed are incorrect, double check the spelling and ensure you have the correct FULL name of the site.

Site code doesn't match with Contract location/s

The Site listed does not correspond with the site/location listed in the contract.

Site code doesn't match with Contract location/s

Either column I or J have incorrect information in them. Check for:

- every number being correct, it only takes one number in one row to throw and error

- is the spelling the correct FULL registered trading name

Quantity is exceeding Contract remaining quantity

The Quantity noted in the delivery exceeds the quantity noted in the corresponding Contract (including tolerance)

Invalid contract number

The contract number column may be empty or the contract number is not in the correct format, the expected format is C0000000.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object

This error usually comes up when a small, often unnoticeable change, has occurred in the headings for the AgriDigital Delivery File Upload template. This template has columns from A through to AE, and each column has a specific heading which cannot be changed or else the data cannot be extracted. For example;

Column A – F in the templates heading are as follows:

If a user changes these headings, even slightly, like below, this file type is no longer readable. Headings must remain the same as the template.

The best way to solve this errors is to navigate to this knowledge base article that includes an attachment of the AgriDigital File Upload template, and directly copy and paste the headings into your csv file.

No Delivery Date


Missing Delivery Number on Delivery

The file uploader requires a delivery date for each delivery:

  • For deliveries onto contracts, the date at which the delivery was transferred onto a contract is the transfer date.

    • For cash deliveries, this will be the same as the Delivery Date.

Supplier details are incorrect

This error is due to a difference in either the Supplier ID no. or Supplier Trading Name

Make sure the Supplier Trading Name is the 'Legal Name' of the counterparty, which you can find in Connections > Organizations

The Supplier ID is either the Supplier's NGR (if grower type delivery) or ABN (if buyer type delivery)

Location does not match any specified on Contract

The Location should be where the grain has been delivered, i.e. the Primary Location on the contract.

Supplier id No. is not present

ERROR: OUS client error - InternalServerError code returned by GET
​The Supplier ID is either the Supplier's NGR (if grower type delivery) or ABN (if buyer type delivery)

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact [email protected] via email or reach out in platform through your Messenger icon.

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