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Why can't I see newly created contracts on the contracts list screen?
Why can't I see newly created contracts on the contracts list screen?
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Relevant to: Transaction Module

Navigation Tree: Contract List screens

After creating a contract using the contract form, it will show up on the Contact List Screen as shown below:

The Contract List screen is a list of all the contracts recorded to your organisation.

The Contract List screen has several features such as dynamic search, sort, filter and exporting of the data.

The Contract List screen synchronises with the AgriDigital database in near real time.

Every time you create, edit, update or delete a new contract this will get updated in the list screen too.

However, if you created, edited, updated or deleted a new contract and it did not get updated it has not been lost. Sometimes the Contract List screen sync can be delayed.

A good way to check if the contract has been created, edited or updated is to go directly to the contract details via the browser URL.

  1. Go to your browser and open the AgriDigital web app

  2. Navigate to the Contract module via the Transactions modules

  3. In the browser address bar you will see:


    Pro tip: Don't know your contract number? Go to your transactions dashboard and on the trading tab go to the Open Contracts and Inventory report and search with the contract date and other criteria to find your unknown contract number.

  4. Where ABC123 is your auto-generated unique organisation ID - do not share or change this.

  5. Add to the URL the following:

  6. Where 1234567 is the contract number without the "C0"

  7. This will load up the contract and all the details with the most up to date information.

The Contract List screen will attempt an automatic refresh and sync and the data will show up later in the day.

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