How to edit an existing preset
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Editing a preset guide

A user can edit an existing preset by either clicking the Customise View button or locating the desired preset in the preset drop down (middle button) and selecting "Edit". A user will be presented with two options after updating the preset:

  1. Apply: this will apply but not permanently save the updates. This will be made evident by a yellow "unsaved changes" warning that will appear on the Customise View popup. If a user is then satisfied with the edits and wishes to permanently update the preset, select the Customise View popup and select "Apply and Save Changes".

  2. Apply and Save Changes: this will apply and permanently save the updates.


πŸ’‘Note: Editing an 'organisation' preset will edit the preset for everyone within your organisation.

To read more about what type of users can edit presets, see this article.

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